MiraCure is a biotech startup dedicated to maximizing the efficacy and minimizing the off-target effects of next generation therapies including CAR-T and AAV via magnetic guidance and microrobotics.

Our core technology is a next-gen electromagnetic system with capabilities for fine grained ex-vivo control of magnetized therapeutics.


Jong Bae Park, PhD

Jong Bae Park

Cancer Biomedical Science at NCC-GCSP, Postdoc at Harvard, POSTECH

98 SCI publications, 4,025 citations in Neuron, Science, Nature Communications, and others

Hong Soo Choi, PhD

Hong Soo Choi

Robotics Engineering at DGIST, Postdoc at UC Davis, University of Washington

100 SCI publications, 3,947 citations in Advanced Materials, ASC NANO, Science Robotics, and others

Research and Engineering

Chan Il

Hyung Joon

Seok Joon

Soo Heon


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